First I have to apologize. For a long time I neglected the and my loyal members. This has changed. Last year I tried to convert the to the “Wordpress” platform. This was a disaster, mildly speaking. After initial success, I hit one roadblock after another. Yes, the WordPress platform is the de-facto standard for blogs, but it couldn’t provide the entire needed features for the members.

I didn’t want to downgrade the user experience of the Power Blog members and decided later last year to drop the conversion efforts. In order to provide the entire Power Blog experience I needed to stick with the current, true and proven, platform and develop the extension myself.

There are many new features in the works, but the most telling is the new look and feel. After 5 years it is about time to put on new clothes. Please let me know how you like it.

Here’s a list of planned enhancements for all members. Some of them are already active.

  • Social network integration
  • Better RSS integration
  • More promotional material to grow your downline
  • Increased SEO to drive more organic traffic to the Power Blog
  • The ability to add new posts to be published in the future. (This will eliminate the need to login every day to place a post. This option is for PRO members only)
  • Quickly dismiss affiliate programs you do not want to join. These programs will not appear in your selection again. This will unclutter the affiliate program section and allows you to better access your program logins.
  • Most importantly there are many broken features that need to be repaired.


I will do everything in my power to restore the Power Blog to the dominant tool it was when we started. There’s no reason why we can’t double or triple the membership. This would benefit all members of the Power Blog.

Happy New Year,