What’s New At The PowerBlog?
1418 total PowerBlog Members. An increase of 344 members since last report. The Powerblog just keeps growing and growing.

What Else Is New At PowerBlog?
Let’s congratulate , the owner of the PowerBlog, on reaching another important milestone.

It is my understanding that during November 2006 more than 2 million hits were recorded at the PowerBlog. This kind of growth is exciting. Thank you Peter for all your good work.

Where To Find It
Are you a Member? Have you added any favorite programs to the PowerBlog recently? Ever wonder which programs are the most popular with our Powerblog members? Now you can easily find out. Just login to your members area and click on new link called **View Today’s Affiliate Program Rankings**.

Question. Where do I find the code for putting and banners on my other sites?
Answer. Just login to your members area. Click on "Buttons/Banners" There you will find the Link URL – the Image URL – and also ready made for your website. Just copy and paste as needed.

It Works For Me
As a Pro Member of the Powerblog I can add and edit new items on the left hand side of my page. Look in the area underneath the bar called **Resources**

As an example of how you could add your favorite resources, see the two items I added recently.

Click on the AGLOCO button and the one for TrafficSwarm. They both will open in a new window.

HINT: If the particular page you are viewing right now does not display the green and white AGLOCO button on left side, then try clicking on link near the bottom titled **About The **

A Word To The Wise
Don’t believe everything you see on the web. If a new program (or an older one) says someone can get very rich, very quickly, just by joining their program…

Stop and think a moment.

What makes you think "that someone" is going to be you? Maybe the "other someone" – the creator of the fake program will just take your money and run.

Stop and think a moment.

Please And Thank-You
Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News. Be watching for the next issue.

Please tell your friends about the PowerBlog.
Ask them to tell their friends. Ask them to join you in a journey of discovery.

Tell them that free members can currently choose from among 81 items to download. And for Pro members the download section offers 115 items.

See the right hand side of this page for most recent list of new download items.

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Until next time, Builder99 wishing you, Much Joy In Your and reminding you that the PowerBlog offers its very own 2-tier IMT Affiliate Program.

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