I know, I know, it's been a while since I last wrote in this .

Having been absent for a while I am more than positively surprised how the members kept the good old going. This is exactly how I envisioned it when I started the more than 4 years ago. Members are driving the and its content. My job is to cleanup some accidental posts and duplicate entries. Other than that, it is the blog of the members.

Having said that I will do exactly what the Power Blog does best. Writing about what's new and hot in the space. The IMT Global affiliate program, main affiliate program of the Power Blog, added new products that are extraordinary and redefine what you can do with .

These tools are available to all affiliates for immediate promotion. Promo tools are available and the sales pages are ready for all the traffic you can send.

Power Blog members can get their hands on these tools by trading their Power Blog Points.

Here are the new tools:

Affiliate Dispenser

Do You Operate An Affiliate Program?…

"Here's How You Can Easily DOUBLE The Number Of Affiliates Promoting Your Products And Services, By Offering Them Automatically Branded PDF Reports That They Can Simply Give Away To Make Money!"

NO required!

Your PDF reports are automatically branded "on the fly" as they are being downloaded by your affiliates.

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Dragon Download Protector

"Here's The Ultimate Easy Way To Stop Hackers And Thieves Stealing Your From Your Own Thank You Pages"

If you're selling downloadable products such as ebooks and software, you probably already know about the risk of your products being stolen from your own thank you pages.

It has been estimated that over half of all ebooks and software in use are stolen copies, with a large proportion of these being stolen directly from the thank you page.

This of course means lost sales and income as potential customers simply grab a copy of your product for FREE instead of paying you for it.

This is both very costly and very annoying.

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Easy Upsell Pro

"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Create Thank You Pages For Your Downloadable Products – And Substantially Boost Your Profits By Upselling After The Sale"
Try It Now FREE!

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Ultra Keyworder

"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Track All Your Keywords And Traffic, So You Can Fine-Tune Your Websites For Maximum Profits"

Track keywords and traffic sources for each individual page
Automatically spider visits
Track search engine traffic all the way through to product and affiliate sales, by using Ultra Keyworder and UltraMaxed Gold together

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Ultra Maxed

"Here's How You Can MASSIVELY Boost Your Affiliate Commissions With Almost Zero Effort"

Get Your Income UltraMaxed!


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These are some of the most powerful tools ever assembled. Even better, all of these tools come with a 30 day money  back guarantee, no questions asked.

To your success,