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If you're like most other webmasters, you'll always be on the lookout for easy ways to boost your traffic and income.

If so, you may have heard of "RSS feeds" – but maybe not got around to checking them out or adding them to your site yet.

Maybe you're not aware of the massive advantages offered by RSS feeds?

Well today I'd like to explain those advantages – and show you our which makes it really easy to add RSS feeds to your website.

So what ARE the advantages of RSS feeds?…

In a nutshell, RSS feeds can generate more site visitors, and money from every site that you add them to.

They do this by offering content (created by someone else) which can be slotted into your own web pages. The important thing is that this content updates itself automatically on a continual basis – without any ongoing effort from you.

This means regular fresh content, making your site 'sticky' so you'll get visitors returning again and again.

It also helps increase the search engine ranking of your site through genuine updated content – just what love the most.

If you market through Twitter, you can also use RSS feeds to show your most recent tweets on your web pages, as an easy way to provide unique content and attract more followers.

You don't have to know how RSS feeds work or the technology behind them in order to benefit from RSS…

All you need to do is add some code to your web site and you'll have fresh content displaying on your site.

But how do you do it? Is it a little confusing to you?

Well it needn't be. Because we've made it very simple for you here:

Tweet And RSS Bot

RSS feeds add incredible value to your existing web sites and are highly flexible to suit your target niche.

You'll be astounded at the huge range of RSS feeds available.

You can choose from:

  • News and information feeds featuring the latest headlines
  • Search engine feeds targeted to search terms.
  • Monetizing feeds from places such as eBay, Amazon and ClickBank that you can earn commissions from.
  • Niche targeted feeds to fit in with your site theme.

The beauty of RSS is that it automatically refreshes every day with brand new, relevant content that fits in with your site. Just think how professional your site will become.

Take a look at some examples here:

Tweet And RSS Bot

Our RSS adding RSS feeds to your web site a breeze and you'll be delighted at the results.

I urge you to strongly consider adding RSS to your web sites with our .  Take a moment now to see how quick and easy the whole process can be for you.

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Tweet And RSS Bot

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