Power Blog 2012

First I have to apologize. For a long time I neglected the Power Blog and my loyal members. This has changed. Last year I tried to convert the Power Blog to the “Wordpress” platform. This was a disaster, mildly speaking. After initial success, I hit one roadblock after another. Yes, the … Continue reading

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My new years resolution is to bring all my affiliates the best affiliate program imaginable. This includes driving even more traffic to our websites (including the Power Blog and the Power Hits Exchange). With all these massive changes, the IMT Global affiliate program is poised to … Continue reading

Something New At SFI In 2007

Time To Announce Some Changes At SFIHere we are at the start of a New Year. It is the time when many people try to improve what they do and how they do it.SFI also has a history of wanting to make things better for their members.What Is New At SFI For 2007?Guess we will have to wait a while to see … Continue reading

A Fresh Start Into 2007

Wishing everybody a happy new year, best of health and may all your dreams come true. Maybe your dreams about the Power Blog will come true. After seeing the membership numbers rising to new levels, it’s time to elevate the Power Blog to the next level.Before I read from the crystal bowl, let’s … Continue reading