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Gabriel Munteanu

My name is Gabriel Munteanu and now i’m a big fan of Peter Dobler, the creator of the IM Power Blog system.I am very excited about IM POWER BLOG and share so much with all of you. This site is a brilliant opportunity to online businesses that it is a true treasure to find andContinue Reading


Testimonial by Builder99 Peter,Of all the affiliate programs I have ever joined, and of all the online services I have ever used, the PowerBlog is by far my number one choice.It gives me choice, it gives me traffic, it gives me a place to share the joys of my online journey. I tried it. IContinue Reading

Launch of Peter’s Profits Traffic Exchange

It has been a long time coming, but I am finally proud to announce that my new traffic exchange, Peter's Profits, has launched.I had shied away from traffic exchanges because they had such a bad name.  It was through TEProfits, though, that I discovered a whole new world with the exchanges. Not only do theyContinue Reading

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