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Builder99 Shares Quality Online Resources – Weebly Hosting

Builder99 Shares Quality Online Resources – Weebly Hosting

October 11, 2014

Builder99 does it again – Shares more Online Treasures Info

Are you looking for a platform to host your Blog and Website?

Some time ago I discovered Weebly – I tried it – I like it

Weebly lets you create web pages and a blog in the same site
In fact it lets you create more than one blog in the same site

Weebly gives you choice – Free or Paid Hosting

When you create a Web Page at Weebly – you have choice

You could choose a standard Web Page –
You could choose a Blog format –
Or you can create a page which links to an external site –

If you wish you can create several different blogs on same site
Yes, Weebly has a learning curve as any site does
but I now find it easy to edit posts or create new pages

You can view my combination Blog and Website
at the following Link

Builder99 says Enjoy-The-Journey and be Kind to Those You Meet

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